Introduction: Glass Bangle Pen Stand

I have a collection of glass bangles from my childhood. Since I grew out of size, most of them don't fit me now. So I found a way to make good use of them.

This instructable is about making a pen stand from old glass bangles.


  • Glass bangles.
  • Superglue (Here we are using flex kwik).
  • Cardboard.
  • Scissors.
  • Pencil.

Step 1: Gluing Bangles.

  • Apply glue on one bangle.
  • Place another one on it.
  • Repeat this until it reaches the required height.

Be careful while using superglue. Make sure the bangles don't stick on the floor you are using. Also, be careful not to touch the glue with your hand.

Step 2: Making Base

  • Draw a circle using bangle on cardboard. You should use the outer side of the bangle to draw the circle.
  • Cut out the circle. And paste it on the bottom to make the base of pen stand.

Pen stand using glass bangles is ready.

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