Introduction: Glass Engraved Statue of Liberty

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Hi Friends today am gonna show you how to use the glass in best way.

I have selected liberty statue for engraving, if you want you can engrave your lovable persons picture in glass, and gift them for their birthday or any other occasions.

Step 1: Things Needed

1, Small piece of glass

2, Dremel tool

3, Diamond coated engraving Bits

4, Any Photo for Engraving

Step 2: Trace the Picture

1. Select the picture that you want to engrave in glass.

2. place the glass on top of the picture, so that you can able to see the picture through the glass.

3. With the help of marker draw the outline of the picture in the glass.

4. Once the outline of picture is drawn keep the picture aside and let the glass dry for few minutes.

Step 3: Engrave the Outline

1.With the help of the above Bit try to engrave the outline of the picture as shown in the above pic.

2. Once the Outline is engraved it will look as shown in above picture.

3. Wipe out the dust particles in the glass with the help of wet cloth.

Step 4: Shading the Picture

1. Use the Shading Diamond Bit as shown in the picture.

2. Take a black cardboard or paper and place the glass on top of it so that you can able to see the outline and shading very clearly while shading.

3. Hold the Dremel in Slanting position and start shading picture.

4. Once the shading is completed the final engraved pic will look as above picture.

Step 5: Finishing the Art

1. Wipe out the dust in glass with wet cloth.

2. you can frame this glass art or you can set light at below the glass so that the engraved art will look brighter at night.

3. I hope every one enjoyed it, Try this and gift your loved ones.

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