Introduction: Glint

Your attention to the cardboard cover on flashlights.

Task of cardboard nozzle on flash is to make possible high-quality shooting of small objects using a standard flash.

Step 1:

The principle of the cardboard nozzle on the flashlights is quite simple.

Around the camera lens of the camera, a cylindrical apparel is made consisting of an oblique slanted divider (1) inner cylinder (2) of the outer cylinder (3) and translucent paper spreader (5).

The inner space between cylinders (1) and (2) are covered with a reflective film (4).

At the top of the sloping wall (1) a hole is made where you can insert the default flashlight (7).

Then, when shooting with a flash, the light flux (8) is redistributed between mirrored walls and distributed to get on disperser (5) where finally diffusor (9), lighting the object of shooting equally from all angles.

Step 2:

First of all, we make a basic ellipse

(the future sloping wall (1) starting from which, subsequently, entire installation will be carried out and will determine sizes of all components).

Step 3:

If you have several different lenses, we will fix the fixture so that it then did not interfere with the work of any of them

Step 4:

We make a working version of the slanted divider

Step 5:

Making the internal cylinder (2).

Step 6:

Cover the inner cylinder (2) and inclined wall (1) with a layer of mirror foil (4)

Step 7:

We make external cylinder (3) and also cover it with a foil (4)

Step 8:

With the ring (1), gluing cylinders 2 and 3 together.

Step 9:

Cropping any surplus, that is unneeded

Step 10:

Insert a thin paper spreader (5).

Step 11:

Place the inner lens hood, made from the dark cardboard

Step 12:

We cut the hole for the flash

Step 13:

From the scraps of cardboard and lace, we make fixture(6) for the lens

Step 14:

Check functionality of fastening cardboard diffusor for a flash.

Step 15:

The first frame with a new scatterer ...

Step 16:


Step 17:


Step 18:

And how can it without them? - Cats!

(real toys size 8 * 8 cm)

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