Glitter Bottles #hms2020

Introduction: Glitter Bottles #hms2020

Today, I'm gonna show you how to make glitter bottles. You can use this to distract your child, or younger sibling. Or you can use this is distract yourself, your choice. You do you.


jar or plastic bottle


glitter glue

food coloring of your choice


Step 1: WATER.

SO FIRST, get a an empty plastic water bottle, or an empty jar. Make sure your water is a bit warm! Now, take your warm water. Then fill it about a third of the way up.


Once you poured your warm water into your container, get your glitter glue! The amount of glitter doesn't really matter. So add as much as you want! After you have put your glitter glue, put your lid or cap and shake the jar or plastic bottle so the glitter glue mixes. It's okay if it seems bubbly, that's normal. Now once you've done that, you add your food coloring! Any color of your choice is fine. Put at least one drop of food coloring. Put the cap or lid back on and shake the container so it mixes.


After your glitter glue and water mix, it's time for the fun part. The glitter! Any glitter is fine to use. Open your glitter and pour as much as you want to your mixture. Any color of glitter is fine too! After you pour your glitter, you get your warm water and fill the rest of your container. Make sure to leave some space on the top so the mixture can move around! If you want to add more glitter, that's fine! Now close the container and shake!

Step 4: It's Not a Step, It's a Conclusion

Just some stuff to be careful with while doing something like this. BE CAREFUL WITH FOOD COLORING. It gets everywhere and it just magically appears on your hand even though you didn't even touch it. DO NOT LET THE CHILD DRINK THIS, IT'S GLITTER GLUE AND GLITTER. This project should take about 10 minutes or less.

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