Introduction: Glitter Acrylic Christmas Ornaments

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This week, we're making acrylic Christmas ornaments for the holiday season!

We made these using glitter acrylic with 6 different designs.

Artwork files are attached.

Step 1: Cut Out Our Gold Glitter Acrylic

We first put a sheet of 24" x 12" glitter acrylic into the Trotec Speedy 360 80w laser.

We proceed to cut it with 100 power, 0.8 speed. Make sure that air assist is on.

We tape off any area of our table that we're not using with masking tape. We do this so there is better suction from our filter unit, this causes the acrylic to cut better without any flare ups.

Step 2: Cut Out Our Silver Glitter Acrylic

We do the same as the previous step. We put a sheet of 24" x 12" glitter acrylic into our laser and proceed to cut with the same settings: 100 power, 0.8 speed.

Step 3: Assembly

We then put the 2 full-circle objects together first, make sure that the top of one is aligned with the top of the other - you notice this by the little extra latch the top has (in order to hang on our tree). We then add the other 2 half-circle pieces to complete our design.

Step 4: Adding Our Harness

Finally we add our harness/key-ring/string through our top latch and we're ready to hang it on our Christmas tree!

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