Introduction: Glitter Jar Candle Holder

This is my Little Project for you!

Step 1: Supplies

You'll need a Mason Jar, some glitter (any color you like), spray glue, and some electric tea lights for this project. (Also, if you want, some little beads/jewels).

Step 2: The Shape Window

Here you need to cut out a shape of you choice (star, heart, circle, ect.). It should be big enough to fit easily on 1 side of the jar. Maybe 7-10cm tall??? Then you need to tape the shape to the inside of the jar, making sure the tape is seen from the outside of the jar (make a tape ball and stick it inside the jar then put the shape on top). NEXT STEP

Step 3: Glittering the Jar

after your shape is in, take your spray glue and spray it as evenly as possible, all over the inside o the jar. Next take your glitter and put a good amount in the jar and put the lid on. shake the jar a bunch, trying to cover everywhere. When your done, dump the extra glitter from the jar in the garbage.

Step 4: The Candle

Once the glue is dry, remove the shape from the inside of the jar (carefully) Then place your jewels (if you have any) in the bottom of the jar. Next, turn on your tea light and place it on top of the jewels. Then put the top on and you have your pretty light!


I strongly suggest the you do not use a real candle inside the glitter jar, because typically, the spray glue is flammable. Thanks for Reading my Instructable!