Introduction: Globe Knot Bracelet

The globe knot in the center of the bracelet is a pseudo 4 bight, 3 lead Turk's Head knot doubled.

You will need dental floss or other small string to tie a constrictor knot in the first step.

A hemostat, needle nose pliers or forceps is useful but not required to help in the doubling of the TH.

For the lanyard in the photo I started with almost 3 feet of 1/4" cotton cord. There remained 8" to be trimmed.

Step 1:

MIddle your cord and make a loop the size of your finished bracelet.

Tie a permanent constrictor knot to hold the loop in place.

Step 2:

Make a small bight with the right hand cord in back as shown.

Step 3:

Make a small loop with the left hand cord as shown.

Step 4:

Bring cord A under and up through bight a as shown.

Step 5:

Bring cord B over and down through bight b.

Step 6:

Bring end B under everything and up through bight (red dot)

Step 7:

Bring A over everything and down through bight a.

Step 8: Doubling the TH

Take the slack out of the knot. Each End lies next to a strand in the basic knot.

Take either end - call it A and follow to the left of strand a around the knot.

Step 9:

Going under one bight.

Step 10:

continuing under one bight.

Step 11:

continuing under two bights

Step 12:

and finally under two coming out adjacent to the second strand. - B.

Step 13:

In the same manner take end B and follow adjacent to strand b.

Step 14:

First tuck . . . . .

Step 15:

second tuck . . . . .

Step 16:

third tuck . . . . .

Step 17:

final tuck.

Step 18: Taking the Slack Out of the Knot

Do not try to take all the slack out in one go. It will take at least three rounds, both ends, to do so

Note either end as it emerges from the knot and call it A. Follow little a around to the right pulling out a little slack as you go along.

The other side shall be considered end B and strand b.

Step 19:

Half way there and about to change from the lower to the upper level. Keep on going.

Step 20:

Now tug on end A.

Step 21:

Repeat steps 18 - 20 with strand b.

Step 22:

Photo shows results of two rounds of tightening.

After the knot is tightened to your satisfaction cut the ends close to the knot.

Push the ends into the knot so that they are not visible