Introduction: Glow-in-the Dark Bouncy Balls

Very fun to make, put in fridge before you try and play with them.
Video can be found on YouTube

Step 1: Materials

For each ball
1/2 Tsp Borax
4 Tbsp corn starch
4 Tbsp warm water
Mix in one bowl

In another bowl mix
1 Tbsp White Glue
1 Tsp fluorescent or glow in the dark paint
Mix intill glue and paint are completely mixed

Step 2: Step Two

Once the ingredients of both bowls are well mixed combine the two bowls. Aloe ingredients to react by themselfs for an minute before you stair you stir a hard, slimy material will form.

Step 3: Step Three

Take the material and work it in your hands, rolling and shaping it. The material will loose the stickiness and become kinda hard and yet still moldable.

Step 4: Step Four

Once you have made 6 different balls break them apart in to six parts, to make 6 rainbow bounce balls.

Step 5: Step Five

Strech and pull and roll the materials together to get the design you like.

Step 6: I Found This Idea...