Introduction: Glow in the Dark Synthwave Poster

I will show you how to make a Synthwave poster which will glow in the dark.

It is a nice and original decoration that you can build with your children.

I built it in A4 format but you can adjust the size. Note that the bigger it is, the easier it is.

Step 1: Material List

We need these following items to make this project

Step 2: Design the Poster

First of all, you have to design your poster. It is good to see your idea before to start.

I made two design that you can use. The right one is more difficult.

The background is really important to have a nice poster during the day, so print it with colors.

You can also print a copy and you will see why in the next part.

Step 3: Make the Sun

Cut your tape and stick it on the copy. You may cut your tape which is too large for the A4 format.

After finishing to stick all colours, use scissors or scalpel to cut properly the tape to have a nice circle!

Now you can stick the tape on the good background paper.

Step 4: Make the Grid

The grid is easier to make. I used the purple tape because the blue one has no reaction with the UV light. But purple is also nice and has a nice contrast with the background.

So cut the tape and stick it following the lines.

Step 5: Final Result

Congratulations! You just finished the poster!

The last step is to put it in the frame and hang it on your wall.

I hope you liked this project and got some inspiration from it!

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