Introduction: Glowing Wire Tree

This is a simple project that anyone can easily try.I used waste wire from our house renovation to make this project.all other components are very cheap and easy to let's make this.....(sorry my English is not good hope you guys understand this instructables....)

Step 1: Things You Need

Wire(length and thickness doesn't matter)
Sticky tape
Plastic boxes

Soldering iron
Wire striper

Step 2: Building Tree Structure

To make the tree cut long wires into short pieces about 20 to 40 cm long.take 5 -10 wires and twist them togather tightly.after twisting wires will hold its shape.this will be our trees trunk.
Next we need to make make this split the remaining wires of the trunk into two or three groups and twist them separately to make two or three branches.we can also attach new wires to the trunk for making branches.add more branches to the tree and try to give it a natural look.
To make the branches even more detailed we can strip the plastic coating of the wires and use the copper wires inside to make more tiny branches.make as many branches as you step is to make the tree it same way as we did the branches but use shorter and thicker wires.

Step 3: Shaping the Tree

Wrap tree with paper to give it shape.add more layers of paper on required places to make it thicker.use more paper at the bottom and lesser as you go up.wrap stiky tape around the paper so that it wont fall by itself and also will make the trunk smoother. cover branches using tape avoid tiny branches because it won't be easy to cover all of them, dont worry we can paint it in the end

Step 4: Connecting Bulbs

I used led strip and small filement bulbs. filement bulbs give a unique look to it and also provides beautiful yellow light.i connected all filement bulbs in series because they were rated 3.9 volt and my PSU was 12V.but by connecting them in series brightness was maximum for the first bulb and least for the last one.
Led strip works perfectly with 12 volt supply just take care about polarity of led strip
To connect filement bulbs first i cut the base of all filement bulb using wire may end up breaking couple of bulbs while doing this.
After removing the base you can see two copper wires inside with some kind of hard concrete like material. Clean the bulb and connect wires to it ..i used enameled copper wire from old transformer inside a mobile charger.these wires are thin and have a insulating coating on it so twisting them together wont short circuit. Scratch 2-3mm coating(you can also burn coating)and solder the wire to bulbs dothis for all filement bulbs and connect them in these bulbes in such a way that they look like hanging from the branches.led strips are easy to connect just solder wires on the copper part of strip and make sure you connect +ve and -ve correctly.(Dont worry about the filement bulb because they don't have polarity). Led strip have adhesive on them so i just wrapped it around the trunk after exposing the adhesive layer.all the power wires are taken to the base of tree.

Step 5: Making Vase

add one more layer of paper to cover the power wires.then tape all paper for the finel time,don't cover the leds.
Next we need to make a vase. which will hold the tree and also hide the power supply unit
You can use a simple plastic box to make the vase.but first attach the tree on a plastic container lid to give it more stability. makesome hole on the lid and pass root wires through it bend wire endings to secure it on lid.pass power supply cable through another hole and connecte a switch,attach switch on the side of vase.
For the psu i used my giant transformer which didn't fit inside the plastic box you can use a smaller one if you the tree in the vase and add sand to secure it which will also hide plastic lid and all power supply and wires.

Step 6: Painting

This is the final can paint the tree with any colour. I used yellow colour even though it didn't go well with natural looks,it matches unique colour of filamnt bulb.paint all tiny branches and roots also.

Step 7: Turn It On....

Now you have a beautiful tree light for your room.hope you all enjoyed this instructable...DIY...Thank you

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