Introduction: GlueDart 7. Glue Gun With an Electric Motor Extruder

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GlueDart 7. Glue gun with an electric motor extruder for a 7 mm glue stick.

As a maker, I often use a glue gun for gluing small details. But I need a small drop of glue, thin line and convenient tool for my work.

I created a new design of a glue gun with an electric extruder, with a speed switch, an ergonomic design of the case for a glue stick 7 mm.

The new design of the case allows you to conveniently hold it in my hand.

Three speeds make it possible to regulate a number of glue drops.

The motor part makes it easy to operate with just one press of the start button.

All plastic parts are printed on the 3d printer and can be replaced if necessary.

I also made a convenient stand for GlueDart 7.

Step 1: You Need

  • STL files of all plastic parts
  • Ceramic Heater Cartridge 12V 40W for 3D Printer
  • Silumin nozzle for glue gun 7 mm
  • Kapton tape 6mm
  • Teflon tape
  • Socket; DC supply; male; 5,5/2,1mm; 5.5mm; 2.1mm; PC-GK2.1
  • Slide Switch MSS-2346
  • LED 3mm Blue
  • Module AMS1117-3.3V-MODUL
  • Screws 2.2 х 13
  • Tact switch TACTB-64K-F
  • Copper wire
  • Glue stick feeding module

Step 2: Print Case

Print all parts of the case. The top cover of the case has a contrasting color and is connected by glue.

With 3D printing, you can print the case in any color.

Use ABS plastic.

Step 3: Mounting the Heater

Mount the ceramic heater on the nozzle using a Kapton tape. Before doing this, I recommend applying a layer of heat-conducting paste to the place of contact between the heater and the nozzle.

Wrap the Teftone tape on the nose of the nozzle to isolate the metal from the plastic.

Solder the heater to the power connector.

Step 4: Installation of Electronics

Install the glue supply button in the groove on the case.

Set the speed switch.

Install the LED.

Install the power connector.

Using a wire, solder the button to the output of the electronic module. Solder the LED and the speed switch to the module board according to the diagram.

Step 5: Module for Feeding the Glue Stick

Place the glue stick feed module in the case.

Connect the motor leads to the contacts of the PCB according to the diagram.

I bought a feed module from a local manufacturer.

Step 6: Model Assembly

Connect both parts of the case with screws.

Put the GlueDart 7 on the stand and connect it to the power supply.

The device is ready for use.

Step 7: Specifications

Glue stick diameter 7 mm

Heating time 45 - 60 sec

Delivery speed 3

  • low 1 g/min
  • normal 3 g/min
  • high 6 g/min

Supply 5 V 1.75 A

Heater power 7 W

Heating temperature 170 °C max

Dimensions 132 x 25 x 40 mm (5.2 x 1 x 1.6 in)

Weight 70 g (2.5 oz)

Case 3d printed, ABS

I am ready to answer any of your questions.

If you can not make your own, you can purchase a ready-made model in my shop

I wish all the greatest creative successes!

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