Introduction: Gluten Free Gajar(carrot) Ka Halva

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hello everyone, I' m back with my new instructables!, which is "GAJAR KA HALVA", which is completely gluten free and very healthy and tasty. This is specially for the people like me who loves sweets and loves to be healthy too. "GAJAR KA HALVA" is actually a traditional sweet of India, but it contains lots of calories so i had tried to make it in less calories and tasty. even a traditional one contains calories than also it is very healthy and gives lots of energy. In India yoga is very famous and after yoga they recommends to have some sweets, and this halwa is in one of them. As it is an Indian recipe, it is possible that you don't find some ingredients easily if u are not in India, but you don't need to worry you will easily get them from any near by Indian stores. if you have any queries regarding to this recipe, feel free to ask.


cow milk: cow milk is understood to be very lighter than any other milk for digestion.

It contains low fats and yet it's thin.

low in calorie's than buffaloes milk.

It helps in hydrating the body.

saffron: It have medicinal properties. It can be use for many cures and specially if you are in cold climate than it's very good for you. It prevent gas problems. To create warmness in body. protects against cancer,

promotes learning and memory retention, in patchy baldness and many many more benefits of saffron (kesar).

dry fruits : power house of nutrients.

carrots: High source of antioxidants, decreases risk of heart disease and strokes, gives vitamin A.

cardamon: It used to make medicines. It is used for digestion problems including heartburn, intestinal spasms, gas problems, constipation, liver and gallbladder complaints and loss of appetite.

so this recipe is very healthy and no glutens, so let's make it and enjoy it.


1 kg peeled and grated carrots

one to one and half litres of COW milk ( cow milk is more healthy and use low fats milk, if you don't want more fats)

5 to 7 tbsp of sugar ( you can use alternatives if you have problem with sugar)

1tbsp of grated almonds

1tbsp of grated cashew nuts

2tbsp of raisin ( dried grapes)

2 to 3 saffron (kesar)

7 to 8 cardamon ( use black seeds directly or use powder of it)

Step 2: MAKING

In a pan add milk and simmer it for 30 seconds.

Add peeled and grated carrots in it.

Cook for five minutes and add saffron to it.

Cook over a gentle flame for 10- 15 minutes.

Add cardamon seeds to it and also add sugar.

continue cooking until the halwa turns deep reddish colour. ( make sure liquid part is completely burnt and you have only reddish carrots part)


Allow it to come on normal temperature and add dry fruits to it and serve it to your guests.

I'm sure they will love it. Share your experience and review, if you make it.

And yes you have it in both the ways cold and hot. it depends on your taste.

NOTE: use sugar according to your taste. and you can use sugar free if you don't want to use sugar. you can also use honey in place of sugar. so feel free to enjoy it!!!!



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