Introduction: Gluten and Grain Free Carrot Pasta Healthy and Handmade

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I wanted to make zucchini pasta but when I checked the refridgerator, these was no more
So I decided to make carrot pasta instead since I had a lot of carrots
I tried it out and it turned out delicious and quick
This recipe is also grain and gluten free

Step 1: Ingredients

Whole carrots

Zester or potatoe peeler for longer Carrot noodles

Pasta sauce


Steamer or double boiler

Step 2: Making the Carrot Noodles

Wash and rub your carrots until clean
Start to remove the outer skin of the carrots until the dark wrinkles are off
You could use the potatoe peeler
To make the Carrot noodles, use a zester or potatoe peeler and start scraping the carrot in one direction until you get enough noodles to feed
Once the Carrot gets very small, not long enough to make noodles, eat it or set it aside
And it's easy as that

Step 3: Steaming the Carrot Pasta

Heat a pot until the water is boiling and steam is visible
Place your noodles into the steamer and place the steamer into the pot, just over the water
Do the same if you are using the double boiler
Steam the noodles for about 5 minutes if you want them crunchier
If not, steam them for another minute or two and remove the steamer from the boiling water
Plate your carrot noodles and drizzle with pasta sauce and any kind of cheese

Step 4: Results

This is a very quick and easy way of making grain and gluten free pasta
This tastes delicious is great for any leftover carrots
I hope you try out this quick and simple recipe