Introduction: Gnome Party Scene Using TINKERCAD!!

This was so much fun to make! I learned so much!


All you need is Tinkercad!

Step 1: STEP ONE Mushroom House

Take two paraboloids, one half-sphere, and one scribble. Before you start take your Scribble and make one tiny line for the handle. After that is finished take one paraboloid make it white then make it about 40 by 40. Take your other paraboloid make it brown and make it 35 by 35. Take the brown paraboloid and place it inside your white one so it resembles a door. Now take your 'handle' and place it on the door, then take you half sphere and make it red and stretch it out to about 50wide 50length and 16 height. TADA!! YOU MADE A HOUSE

Step 2: STEP TWO Big Flower

Take a half-sphere and a Scribble to make a flower! Take your Scribble and make a flower petal then hit done. Now place your half-sphere next to the house in mid-air then make it a light yellow. Now take your flower petal and place it right behind the yellow half-sphere then hit the duplicate and repeat button and tilt it so it will surround the half-sphere. Continue until complete. You can also add it to the other side of the house.

Step 3: STEP THREE Rock House

Now we are on the rock house (yay)first start with 3 wedges one will be in the back and two on the sides. Make the one on the back be about 25 high, 35 long, and 63 wide. Make the others 20 by 20 by 20. Now take a pyramid and a wedge make them both a hole and place it right over the two tinier wedges but on the bigger one to make a rocky looking wedge! Now take a half-sphere and place it right on top of the two smaller wedges. Extend it so it looks like a round roof. Now we're going to add flowers! Take a Scribble to make an entire flower(if you look through the pictures you'll see my flower;) now place it wherever you want on your roof to make it look more earth-like. Now to make the bed, start with the scribble and make a rectangle with one wavy side and the rest straight then fit it into the house so it looks like a bed (you can see mine in the pictures above) ALSO you can add some flower to it too!

Step 4: STEP FOUR Tree House

YAY TREEHOUSE. First, start with a cylinder and 2 Scribbles, the first scribble you're going to make is a door(I made mine look kind of squiggly) the second Scribble you're going to make is a window, make it however you want but if you make it yellow then you can make it look like there's light inside! Also, you can add some branches to make it look more like a log. Take the cylinder and make it as big as you want your log to be then put the door on then your window. TADA! If you want twigs sticking out just take a cylinder flip it onto its side and stick it on.

Step 5: STEP FIVE Table and Things on It

To set up your table you have to get five boxes in total. Take four of the boxes and make them into rectangles (I made mine 12 inches tall and 4 inches wide) then make them as spread out as you want your table. now take the fifth make it thin, then spread it so it reaches all of the tinier boxes(rectangles). I highlighted the table hit the group button and to me, it looked better. Now we are going to make super simple plates. Take a cylinder and make it whatever height ( I made mine 1) and make it however big (I made mine 17 by 17) and place it on the table as many times as you! Now to make the cake take two cylinders make one 15(or however big) then make the other one 10 then place it on a plate. For the carrots take a cone and put it onto its side then shape it to the size you want, to add leaves just use Scribble and create a half flower. To make the bowl take a half-sphere and then a regular sphere and make it a hole and put it into your half-sphere then hit the group button. To make the salad take Scribble and make a tiny leaf then put it into the bowl then hit the duplicate and repeat button and move it to where you want. Continue until complete. For the chicken leg, I first got three spheres and one cylinder. I put two-spheres close together and hit the group button then used the cylinder flipped it over onto its side and combined it with the spheres for the last sphere I made it bigger than the other two and put it onto the other end of the cylinder(There's a picture above) group them together then make them smaller and put it onto a plate!

Step 6: STEP SIX Gnomes

To make a gnome what you first want to do is place a half-sphere next to the table on the left in the middle and on the right. Then take a full sphere and place it on top of each half-sphere. That'll be your body and you can shape it however you want. Now take four paraboloids. Make two of them the size you want your gnomes thighs to be. Now place them on your sphere. Now to create the top of your boots, flip your other two paraboloids over and fit it into your 'thigh' paraboloid, do the same for the other leg. Now take two half-spheres to make it the size you want your shoe to be and place it so it connects to the paraboloid. Take a cone and a clear box(a box that makes holes). Take your cone and size it to your sphere then move it to an open area, then take your box and place it over your cone leaving a little bit of the bottom then place it back over your sphere it should look like the picture above. If you want a belt take a Torus and have it wrap around your sphere. Now take another sphere (that'll be your head) and place it on top of the other sphere. then take a cone and place it on top of the sphere. To add facial features using small spheres for my eye's I made mine 3x3 and for my nose, I made mine 1x1. For the beard I used scribble. For the sleaves use a cone and face it towards the table then use a paraboloid and put it on the table. Make as many gnomes as you want!

Step 7: STEP SEVEN Extra Details

YAY almost done all that's left is tiny details. For the grass, you can use scribble and make a V. And if you want to make a lady gnome use scribble and make a braid if you were looking at the side of it. if you want an indent on your log take a cylinder and place it inside on top. Also, I found that a white dot on the mushroom house is cute. If you want it to look like grass then just take a box spread it out as far as your workstations are. When you're finished with that you're done!

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