Introduction: How to Make a Baby Yoda With a False Bottom

I made baby Yoda because I think he is cute.


Tinkercad, 3d printer

Step 1: Make Baby Yoda

What you first want to do is start making baby Yoda. Start with the robe, get a paraboloid, make it brown and make it 79 high, 72 wide, and 89 long. Now take two paraboloids make them 32 high, 32 wide, and 34 long. Make them brown and tilt one 22.5 degrees and the other -22.5 degrees. For the little hands take two spheres and make it 21 all around and place it under the sleeve. Take another sphere and make it 58 wide and 70 long and 49 high. Now take a Torus and make it 49 wide, 84 long, and 19 high. Place it right around the head. For the ears make it 12 wide, 30 high, and 21 long then tilt it 67.5 degrees. Repeat for the other side, bu t tilt it -67.5 degrees. For the eyes take a sphere and make it 13 all around.

Step 2: The Hole and Lid

For the hole and the lid get a cylinder that is a hole and make it 68 long and 59 wide. Place it underneath baby Yoda and make it as tall as you can without it poking out the sides. Now hit copy and repeat. Move it to the side of the workplace and make the lid 2 high, and make it 0.2 smaller around the sides so you can get it in and out. Now take a cylinder and a box that is a hole and cut the cylinder in half and then make it a hole. Place it in the middle half of the cylinder (see picture above).

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