Introduction: Tinkercad Puzzle!

If you easily get bored in the car and you like puzzles then you should totally make this!


Tinkercad, 3d printer

Step 1: Holder

First, you make the puzzle holder. Start with a regular cube and stretch it out to a length and height of 200 and a thickness of 8. Next, take another cube to make a hole and place it 4 down 190 wide and 190 lengths and center it in the face of the first cube. That's all for the holder!

Step 2: The Puzzle

For the puzzle what you first want to do is create your image. Now place it onto a square that has been stretched out to length and width of 189 and a height of 3. Next, we will slice the puzzle up into nine pieces. To cut the puzzle we will make a cube, turn it into a hole, and make it 190 wide, 3 high, and 0.01 thick. Create four copies and align as shown in the picture. Merge the cuts to the picture. TADA YOU MADE A PUZZLE!

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