Introduction: Gold Ol' Pull Copter

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Here is a toy from my childhood that I wanted to recreate on my 3D printer. The problem is that I am a little impatient, and printing can take a long time. Since the handle took the longest to print, I designed my pull copter so it uses a water bottle as a handle instead.


First of all, you need to print the parts. Here is a link to the files on Thingiverse. You will need to use supports for the housing and the gear. The rest of the parts print best without them. I printed at 0.150 layer height and high quality settings for my printer.

Step 2: Assemble the Copter

Now take all your parts and your water bottle and join them all together. The cap adapter may need a bit of sanding in order for the housing to fit. I noticed this more when I used different filaments. When it was all printed with the same stuff it fit a bit better.

Step 3: Fly Copter, Fly!

While holding on the the bottle, have your thumb and fore finger on the housing. Grab the pull gear with your finger and give it a good quick pull. *Make sure you pull in the direction of the arrow, or else it wont fly so good. I kept getting it wrong, so I put an arrow on. :)

Have fun! And when you are done running around catching your propeller, you have a handy bottle of water to have a drink.

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