Introduction: Gold Panning Kit

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I looked on here to see if there where any instructables about gold panning kit, and there weren't. So, I have decided to make one for all you people.

Step 1: Get a Bag

You'll need a small bag for all the items you'll use, if it has draw strings it's very handy because it's light, unlike a backpack, and can carry lots of object, heavy or light, big or small.

Step 2: Get Your Pans

The pans are obviously very important for gold panning, so put them in the bag. Make sure the pans edge is not sharp, because if it is it might cut the bag, so maybe you could put some tape on the edges. Also every time you use it, make sure to clean out the pan very well after each use.

Step 3: Get a Waterproof Container

If your lucky enough to strike it rich you'll want to put your findings in a safe container. You should put some water in the container, so make sure it waterproof and relatively strong, and resistant to smashes.

Step 4: Get a Multi Tool

This is optional buts it's nice to have a small tool with a whistle, magnifying glass, thermometer, or a compass for those sticky situations.

Step 5: Magnifying Glass of Some Sort

Make sure to grab a magnifying glass or of that sort, this will help you determine whether your gold is truly gold or just a yellow rock.

The picture shows some nylon zoomed up.

Step 6:

Step 7: Bring Water

Make sure to bring some water, it's really important that you don't become thirsty or dehydrated while looking for that beautiful glossy stone.

Step 8: Additional Things

Additional things you might want to bring is a pair of tweezers, or a siffer for getting the gold out of the pan, a small shovel would also be nice.

Step 9:

Thank you for reading, I hope you now know how to make a gold panning kit.

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