Introduction: Golden Sonic Spaceship

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The "Golden Sonic Spaceship" was introduced in the 1950's. I acquired one (missing whistle, tail lights, broken parts, etc.) with the hope of somehow using it in our Santa's Shop Christmas Display Window. After repairs, the addition of internal flashing leds and installation of a motorized turntable (as well as a few polymer clay aliens by my wife, Annelle), it was placed on the main floor.


Golden Sonic Spaceship toy

3d printed parts

Small gear motor

Flashing leds

3 volt dc power supply

Step 1:

I had to 3d print tail light covers--missing from my acquisition.

Step 2:

I also had to repair a broken axle support; to keep the assembly from falling apart.

Step 3:

The rotating antenna had lost its foil, so aluminum duct tape replaced that.

Step 4:

I wired 16 fast flashing leds (in parallel, using wire wrap wire) and taped them inside the cabin, carefully avoiding any potentially moving parts.

Step 5:

The "turntable" is press fit onto the small gear motor.

Step 6:

Wires are soldered to the motor tabs.

Step 7:

The motor is pressed into the motor housing

Step 8:

The motor housing is screwed to the wood base. Velcro atop the turntable attaches to the Golden Sonic.

Step 9:

Space aliens (formed using polymer clay) are outside the ship, looking around. The purple guy represents a "top ten" song of the era--go to the last step to see the name of the song.

Step 10:

The song, from 1958-----"It was a one eyed, one horned flying purple people eater."

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