Introduction: Golden Venture Folding: Hand

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 To learn how to make the pieces for this quick and easy sculpture, just see my previous video named golden venture folding.
The is the hand 2D VERSION.
I will soon show how to make the easiest model ever...the swan and maybe I'll show to head.
Let's begin...

Step 1: Gather Your Resources

 You will need roughly around 200 pieces. That may be too many but The extras can just go into extending the arm, bare in mind if you make the arm too long it will probably just fall apart easily.
And by pieces I am referring to the paper triangles in the previous tutorial.

Step 2: Start a Weave

It may not be technically called a weave but I don't know any names for this (if there are any). So I am calling this weave.
Build up the weave from just a few pieces and add on to it, it seems simple but the edges of this will have to overlap ever so slightly so that you don't have flaring out bits on the hand. Thsi should be displayed in the second image. 

Now build up this weave for a while and make the edges as iv'e said if you can.  You end result should be a square with smooth edges roughly the size of your palm.
note- Use your hand as something to measure against so you know how big to make it.

So on the edges you should make one cover the one two places below itself.......sorry this is easy to do but hard to explain...bare with it.

Step 3: So Far..

You should have this. Granted my hand is a bit bigger than it but that is not important right now.
In the second image you see in this step you will see the side view of the first image. And the red line indicates what the edges should look like but with a little sticking out bit. 

The sticking gout bi is for the thumb to connect to later.

Step 4: Fingers

 Now to add your fingers, for these just add 4 shoots (long bits) different in size. Make them all match your fingers in length so that it is in proportion with the palm.
 To make the fingers you just have to take both legs from one piece and put them in both the hoes of the piece below it. 
Once you get the fingers done slot them into the top of the palm where indicated in the picture. Remember that yours wont be the exact size as mine, so you cannot copy perfectly, but do remember to leave a gap of at least 2 pieces between each finger....or hold your real hand to it and estimate the gap from that.

Step 5: The Thumb and Wrist

 The thumb is fairly easy. It is basically just building it up diagonally on a small scale.

Going up in 2's. So two then shift a half to the left/right (depends on which hand) every time you move up by one level.

The wrist is just a series on long shoots. Count the amount of pieces there are at the base of the hand (the area which would be connected to the wrist) and put one shoot in each piece.
If you look at the third picture you will see the hand and the wrist separately, this will show you where the wrist/arm goes. As you can see the wrist is made up of shoots BUT. in the middle of the shoots iv'e put in support to stop them from parting from each over. The support is a simple weave with the edges slotted in to the pieces two below how to edges were done to make the palm smooth.

Step 6: Finale

You are just about finished, just slot the wrist into place if you have not already.
You can still make the arm longer just remember to make sure to put support in the shoots so they don't tend to split from each over and stick together just like an arm usually would...=/
You should focus deeply on where the pieces are on the pictures if my instructions aren't clear enough.

Have fun making you'r arm and maybe you even want to try further up the body, in that case good luck.