Introduction: Golf Playing Robot Using Witblox

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Greetings to everyone.
Today I have made a golf playing robot. As we all know a rotatory motion can be converted into reciprocating motion. Thus using same phenomenon I have made this project where the ball oscillates continuously in the path provided to it.
After testing many circuits, i personally recommend viewers to use WITBLOX modules. It is easy to connect and operates efficiently.


A. Witblox kit
1. One Battery
2. One Connector
3. One Power blox
4. Two motor drivers
5. One inout
6. One dark sensor
7. Two motors
Other supplies :
1. Syringe
2. Two bolts
3. Pencil
4. 3D printed shafts
5. Scale
6. Cutter
7. Fevikwik
8. Wooden stick
9. Thread
10. Sun board

Step 1: Base and Body

Main body comprises of base , top structure and two sides. Dimensions are as shown in picture. All parts are drawn on sun board and then cut by cutter.
One side is slightly higher than the other as it provides slope, so that ball rolls down easily at other end. Ball is passed through two holes made in top structure. All dimensions are in mm.

Step 2: Golf Player Structure

Golf player is designed by using motor itself. The sun board is cut into pieces of same size that of motor. All four parts are stick together to cover motor which is body of golf player. 5 small pieces are cut and glued together as shown in 2nd and 3rd picture which are hands of golf player.
A 3D printed shaft is attached to the motor. A bolt is inserted into the shaft as shown in picture. A golf stick is crafted from sun board and then attached in the bolt. A wooden stick is used which is attached to the motor where hands are inserted and they move to and fro as if a golfer is playing golf with stick in his hand.

Step 3: Syringe Operator

A syringe is used and it's needle is taken out. Pointed part of it is cut down as shown in picture. With proper measurements a slot is made in the syringe such that ball passes through it easily.

Step 4: Pathways for Ball

There are two pathways for balls highlighted by blue rectangle. Red arrows shows the path of ball.
As soon as golfer hits the ball, it rolls down from point 1 to point 2. Then it falls from the hole from point 2 to point 3. Because of slope provided and also with gravitational pull the ball rolls to point 4 into the syringe. A hole is provided to the syringe in which ball falls.

Step 5: Motor Mounting for Mechanism

An 'L' shaped part is crafted from sun board. One end of it is attached to the syringe and another is inserted into the 3D printed shaft. This shaft is inserted to the motor. Motor is attached at an height of 10 mm from base structure. This height is calculated according to the offset of shaft which gives 30 mm stroke in linear motion.

Step 6: Witblox Modules

Witblox provides simple but magnificent circuit blox such as power, motor drivers, dark sensor, buzzer, lamp, distance sensor, etc.
In this project I have used two motors and these motors are attached to two motor drivers individually. A dark sensor is used. When I put my finger on sensor, the blox turns on the next subsequent blox. One inout is used to extend the connection. A power blox is used with battery to power the connection.
All blox with the connection are shown in pictures.

You can purchase this modules on or on the app Witblox app.

Step 7: Final Assembly

Final assembly video is shown. As soon as power is given to the circuit the arm of golfer rotates continuously and syringe piston is operated by dark sensor when we put our finger on the sensor.
This was the step by step instructions for golf playing robot. Because of witblox it was easy to operate the robot and connection were made easy.
Do comment your views and share your views.