Introduction: Page Turner

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Greetings to everyone.
Things have become more easy as we are growing day by day in this tech era. Day to day work has become more efficient than before. Here I have made Page Turner which will unable user to turn pages by one click when your hands will be too busy in holding hot coffee cup or swiping your fingers on phone. Here is a step by step process of making a page turner.


From WITBLOX kit:

1. 2 Micro Servo
3. 2 Servo blox
3. 1 Power blox
4. 1 battery.
Other supplies needed are as follows:
1. Sun board
2. Pencil
3. Scale
4. Cutter
5. Lollipop stick
6. Rubber washer
7. Rubber bands
8. Micro servo
9. Glue gun
10. Castor wheel

Step 1: Servo Arm

This part is built by using sun board. Each part with proper dimensions are shown in pictures above. All dimensions are in mm. Each part is cut by using cutter.
Parts 1,2 and 3 are used as stand for servo. A hole is made in part 1 to fix the servo.
Part 4 is the servo arm which turn down the page after page is pushed up by servo wheel. Parts are glued using glue gun.

Step 2: Servo Wheel

This part operates first while turning the page. It is operated by servo. First, a circle is drawn on sun board and then it is cut by cutter. Servo is attached at the centre of the wheel. Then servo is attached in the pivoted arm as shown in figure. Two supporting members are cut ( part 5 and 6) and with holes in it, in which a lollipop stick is attached. Pivoted member carrying servo is attached in between two supporting members on stick with two washers on both sides.
Rubber bands are attached to the wheel to increase the contact surface friction which ensures the flipping of pages smoothly.

Step 3: Support Structure

A single structure is built for two mechanisms. Servo arm and servo wheel are supported by a single structure.
The dimensions are shown in picture.

Step 4: Connection

Connection are very simple. All thanks to WITBLOX kit. There are 2 servos , 2 Servo blox , 1 button and power blox with battery. Two servos are connected to two servo blox. This two blox are connected to a button and button is connected to power blox. You can also download WITBLOX app.

Step 5: Final Assembly

Servo arm, servo wheel and supporting structure are stick together as shown in video. A castor wheel is attached at pivoted arm to increase the load on it and hence to increase the friction on page.A book is kept for testing and results are obtain were excellent.
Suggestions and new ideas are always welcomed.