Introduction: Good Bugdet Rubik's Cubes (A.K.A Speedcubes)

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Budget speed cubes
The 3x3 is yuxin also

Step 1: 2x2

The Yuxin Little Magic 2x2 is very fast. It corner cuts at 45 degrees, and it's buttery smooth. You don't need lube for it. I got mine at Taiwan for 179 Taiwan dollars. On the cubicle it is USD 4.99 plus taxes and shipping. The Mofang MF2C is also 4.99 USD but also would need setting up. I would recommend DNM and cubicle silk.

Step 2: 3x3

Again, I would recommend yuxin little magic for 4.99 USD but in stickerless. It's very sandy and I recommend DNM and Cubicle Silk also. The other would be the mofang mf3rs. Don't take it apart or else it will actually break. The 3x3 in the picture is yuxin.