Introduction: Good Dog Gone Zombie

This is not your cookie cutter costume. It will take many breaks and your pets might not be your best friend unless you have a good amount of bacon and steak treats on hand. Chico gets dressed up a lot but this by far was my favorite and his least! I've been a groomer for years and a Vet tech before that so I am very careful about the products I use on my babies!!

Step 1: Start With a Base

Get your pet safe blow pens, markers and crayons ready and make base outlines to start with. Practice with the Pink blow pen on the back of your hand when your are comfortable making a constant flow of color then get your pet spray out the amount of brain you would like to show on your pet. With the purple blow pen then blow a line straight down the middle of the head and then add some random color in the pink to add shadows (don't go too dark). With the marker side of the black blow pen starker drawing out the brain.

You now can also go to the leg you want to make into a skeleton leg and color the back and sides solid black for now with either the blow pen or the marker.

Step 2: Give Your Buddy a Break and Do Some Extras

After that make sure to give your buddy a break with some love and treats.

Now we will make some Zombie flesh for him/her. We will need some cotton balls, liquids latex, foundation powder (something close to your pets color), green color, Red Pet Paint, your pets fur, and a mirror. Start with ripping apart some cotton balls and putting the on the mirror. I then just pour a bit of latex on the cotton balls and make sure that they are all coverd with the latex, then I move them around until they look like drooping flesh, wash your fingers off and then add your pet's hair. After the latex is a bit tacky add some of the foundation to your fingers and dab them on the latex, when the latex is almost dried you can add a green color into the creases. When the piece dries you can peel the latex off the glass. On the back side of the latex you can spray the Red Pet Paint to look like blood.

With an old cereal box you can measure out the length and with of your pets legs and cut out bones so you stencil them on your pets legs with the blow pen or you can do them free hand with the marker or crayons what ever is easier for you.

Next, order some Sizzling Rice Soup from a Chinese Restaurant...don't add the "sizzle" you can make those into maggots! Just use the marker of the Black blow pen. One one end of the rice make two eyes and on the other end make a butt, dab some of the liquid latex on top of it to give it that slippery look and tada, you have a maggot!

Step 3: Finale to Zombie

Make sure to finish your Zombie brain, you can use the maker or crayon with brush to put your final touches on. With your skeleton leg free hand or use the stencils made in the previous step to add bone outlines to the leg. When you are happy with both of these cover your pets eye's and Spray with Got2b Glued to help set everything and let it last longer. These colors do not rub onto your furniture just FYI.

Next with the Black Crayon make a black circle around the eye. To get closer to the eye use a small make-up brush to get as close to the eye as your pet will let you. I avoided powered just for the risk of getting into my pets eyes. This I do NOT set with the Got2b Glued!

Add your Zombie flesh and maggots now! Use latex-free eyelash glue just in case of allergies, definitely add some maggots on the top of the head aka in the brain! You want to stay clear of inside the ears because you do not want anything that might fall inside the ear canal and could cause an obstruction.

For the blood use the marker of the Red blow pen and add color were you want blood then on top of that I add Candy blood used to decorated cupcakes. Have fun with this part!! You can never have too much blood!! This does mean there will be a bath time later! And be careful on how much of the bliss they digest it is high in sugar!

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