Introduction: Good Morning Princess!

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Something pretty for breakfast this morning :)

Step 1: The Princess Head

You will need:

3 slices of bread


jam of your fav. I used mango jam

Spread mango jam on two slices of breads, stack them and with a round cutter or knife, cut a round, taking off brown crust.

With the other slice of bread, make cuts as shown on picture, transforming them into hair bun for the princess

Step 2: Body and Decoration

For the hair, eyes, smile, spread chocolate sauce on the bread

For the dress (skirt and shoulder area), halve an orange. On one of the slice, cut the top a little, as shown on picture. Then from the other slice, peel the skin and cut circles for shoulder pads of the princess dress. From the same skin, slice two long strips.

You can use either blueberries, concord grapes or coronation grapes for the body part.

Start placing the head and hair bun on serving plate. Place orange and the peel along with grapes as the dress as shown on picture

For the hair, squirt some chocolate sauce into ziplock. Snip one of the corner and start piping hair as shown on picture.

Use chocolate chips for the eyes, strawberry slices for her bow on hair and pipe chocolate sauce for smile.

Your princess is ready :)

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