Introduction: Gouge, How to Make

Hi, in this

project I show you how I made gouges with carbide blade. First of all, I would like to apologize for my vocabulary. I know that I must improve and, despite the fact that I am not English, I am learning a lot thanks to those who are correcting me. If you see any mistake, please do not hesitate to tell me. Ø My tools: · Circular saw · Drill · Belt Sander · Homemade forge (you can watch the video on my channel) · Oven · File · Homemade Draw Knife (you can watch the video on my channel) · Lathe Ø My materials · Steel F114 C (0,42) Si (0,40) Mn (0,50) P (O,035) Cr (,40) Mo (0,10) Ni (0,40)

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Step 1: the Forge


first thing I did was to shape the part that I am going to introduce into the handle with the forge and hitting on the anvil

Step 2:

whit a 8mm diameter mast

Step 3: Revise

once I have

the desired gorma I review it with the help of a lime.

Step 4: Shape

I made a

recess of the thickness of the blade with the help of the radial and the file, I drill with a bit of 5 mm, to make a thread of 6 mm.

Step 5: Shapes

I keep

doing the same on the other gouges giving a different shape.

Step 6: Normalize

I put them

back into the forge to normalize them and let them cool in the air.

Step 7: Olive Trunk

In that

time I take an olive trunk and I'm removing the bark with the help of my draw knife.

Step 8: Lathe.

Once I have

the trunks without bark, I start to work with them on the lathe.

The first thing I do is to give the shape to the front, where I make a 7 mm hole and I put a copper ring of 18 mm.
I finish giving it the shape and I sand it with 120 grit and 240 grit sandpaper, finishing it with flaxseed oil and virgin wax

Step 9: Heat Treatment

Once the

gouges are cooled, we return to the heat treatment and it is time to warm it, we heat it again and this time we cool it with sunflower oil, which is less toxic than the engine oil, then we go to the oven that we tend 100 minutes to 210 degrees.

Step 10: Assemble

Once cooled, assemble them in the two controls that I have made, we put the blades and test them to make the last handle that I need.

The round is perfect, but the square is too sharp is very straight, I found another square blade but with a little round shape that will later prove the result.

Step 11: Thanks for Watching.

I hope you

liked it. Remember that I am a mere amateur and I am learning in my little workshop, with your help. Correct any mistakes you could see. This is the way I would like to learn. Thanks for watching.

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