Introduction: Gourmet Grilled Cheese

I am a sucker for grilled cheese. I ate it all the time growing up. But my family made fun of me because I like my grilled cheese with a kick. I used to open my warm gooey grilled cheese and drizzle mustard all over it. Now, I've come up with this recipe. I hope you enjoy it!

Step 1: Ingredients

Most of my ingredients come from my cabinet. I don't use measurements. It just depends on how I'm feeling that day. It's up to you how much you want to add of each. I'll put my estimates next to each one. I made two sandwiches with this.

1/4 stick of butter

4 bread slices (I used homemade bread. If you use homemade bread, cut it thin and make sure it's defrosted.)

1 small handful shredded sharp cheddar cheese

2 slices pepperjack cheese

1 tablespoon parsley flakes

1 tablespoon garlic powder (not garlic salt. big difference)

1 tablespoon oregano

Step 2: Butter and Cheese the Bread

First - the best grilled cheese is made when the butter is evenly spread across the surface. This is how I butter my bread for grilled cheese.

Take your butter and melt it in the microwave. I melt mine on a plate because it helps out later. Make sure the butter is fully melted.

Then, add your oregano, parsley flakes, and garlic. Mix well in the melted butter.

Place two slides down in the butter mixture. Add one slice of pepperjack cheese to each. Sprinkle the top with shredded sharp cheddar cheese. Place another bread slice on top and flip. This soaks the other side of the bread in the butter mixture.

Step 3: Cook the Grilled Cheese

Now to cook the grilled cheese....My stove is a flap top. I happen to like it a lot.

Heat a pan up to medium/medium-high heat. Once it is heated, place the sandwich on the hot pan. Allow it to cook for approximately 4 minutes each side. Use a spatula to press down on the sandwich. Flip the sandwich when ready and cook the other side. Then cook sandwich #2.

I happen to love grilled cheese with a hot and sweet tomato soup, so that's typically what I serve it with.

Bon Appetit!!