Introduction: Custom Graffiti Sunglasses [Inspired by Casey Neistat]

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In this Instructable I'll be showing you how to revamp old Ray Bans into unique and one of a kind sunglasses!

I was inspired to modify these sunglasses after seeing Casey Neistat's custom Ray Bans. It's sort of boring to have the same sunglasses that everyone else has isn't it? I can't help but feel sometimes like I'm just another cookie cut consumer sometimes, so I added a little spice in my life with some tasteful graffiti style modifications to my sunglasses.

Adding your own personal style and attributes to your own property sort of makes it special. It makes your sunglasses a reflection of you - because you designed the look and made it yourself! It definitely stops you from jumping on the next temporary fashion trend as you know what represents your personality. As opposed to listening to what other people say you should wear and what they say you should represent.

Personal opinions about fashion aside, I hope you enjoy this tutorial! If you make glasses similar to these, I'd love to see them so please post a picture in the comments!

- Nick