Introduction: Grass Lawn Chair Couch

This is the best alternative to lawn furniture ever! All of our friends and family love to sit and enjoy our grass couch. For me, there is nothing like a late night beer under my apple tree while gazing up at the stars on my grass couch (with a chorus of tree frogs singing)! So, I thought I would share this wonderful joy with all that are looking for an interesting alternative to lawn chairs and want to be as GREEN as possible! I hope you enjoy!~

Step 1: Find a Friend

So, I would suggest finding a partner and some old building materials. I got my silly man snack husband!

We recycled some old bricks in the yard. Many times people give them away. Word search bricks on craigslist if you don't have any. It is a great way to recycle what might go in a land fill! These bricks have been sitting in the back of the yard for 20 years or or so.

By the way, brick is the best option because it holds moisture and air which will keep the couch soil very healthy! Plus, it will drain well unlike concrete.

Step 2: Lay the Base!

We laid the brick in this pattern to promote drainage. Plus, you will save on brick. This pattern was easy for us and quick.

Step 3: Layer the Brick

So, build your way up to a comfortable height for sitting by layering upward. Try to keep your pattern as much as possible. There will be less errosion if the soil can drain into the earth. Remember there will be approx. 6 inches of soil on top from where you are sitting. That might help when you decide on the height for the chair.

Step 4: The Couch Skeleton!

So here she is!

As you can see, we did our best to get the shape we wanted. So, just go with it- Any rough edges you are going to smooth out later! You really can't go wrong... as long as it all can drain and has enough of an angle to slow any errosion.


Step 5: Playing in the MUD!

Now cover it in dirt.

I used dirt from a place in the yard that needed to be leveled. I had more than enough dirt for my chair.

Keep a hose on hand so you can wet the soil once it is on the chair. It will be easier to mold your chair if the soil is wet.

I built a flower pot in one of the arms of the chair. I use it to keep bug spray in.

Step 6: Grass Time!

Find some good grass seed.

I would suggest you go to a feed and seed and ask about what type of high traffic grass is good in your climate year round.

Remember to keep the soil wet so the seed sticks.

TIP: Make sure you have a hose nozzle that has a mist option. That way when you water, all the seed will not wash off.

TIP: Keep a toy rubber snake on the ground next to the couch to keep the birds from eating all your seed. They will not get near the snake!

Step 7: Water Daily and Let Grow!

So, mist water on it daily. Do it late in the day around dusk.... that way the sun will not fry the seeds.

Keep the pets and kids off! :-)

Step 8: Have a Seat!

Here she is....she might need another trim! :-)

This is the perfect lawn chair for you and a friend to sit on and enjoy. And with a little Cutter yard lawn spray, you will never have to worry about ants in the pants or biting bugs!

PLEASE VOTE FOR ME! :-) Suggestions are warmly welcomed! Thanks so much for reading!~
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