Introduction: Graz Makes: a Reclaimed Picture Frame

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In this project, I will show you how I made a picture frame from reclaimed wood taken out of a dumpster! so sit back, grab a drink and lets begin!

Step 1: Find Some Wood That Would Make a Good Frame

For me, there was a dumpster full of old wood being thrown away at my shop. this wood looked perfect to reclaim for my photo.

Step 2: Messure the Size of the Picture You Want to Frame

The first thing I had to do was measure the size of the photograph, luckily it was square so it made making repeat cuts easy. Always remember to watch your fingers.

Step 3: Mark the Cuts With a Template and Cut the Wood Down to a More Manageable Size

So the next thing I did was to make a temple with the 45 degree angles cut on it and mark out where all the cut where going to be, and then cut the piece down to a more manageable size.

Step 4: Use a Router and a Rabbet Bit to Cut the Wood

Next I clamped down the piece of wood to my work table and slowly ran the router with a 1/4 inch rabbet bit in it down the length of one edge.

Step 5: Cut the Wood at 45 Degrees on a Miter Saw

The next step was to follow the marks I drew with the template and cut each piece at 45 degrees.

Step 6: Once the Wood Is Cut, Mark the Back of the Frame So You'll Know How to Glue It Up

I drew some guide marks on the back of the frame just so i knew where the pieces lines up when i glued them all together.

Step 7: Glue the Miter Cuts With Wood Glue and Use a Staple Gun and Staple Each Cut for Reinforcement

Time to glue the miter cuts with wood glue and the staple gun and staple 1-2 staples on each miter cut for better reinforcement. If necessary, use a hammer and gently hit the staples down so they are flush with the wood.

Step 8: Use Some Weights on the Frame So the Glue Drys Evenly and the Frame Is Flat

And finally I lay some heavy weights on the frame so all the pieces will be nice and flat when the glue drys.

Step 9: Go to a the Hardware Store and Get Some Plexiglass

I grabbed some plexiglass at the hardware store. this will go in front of the photo to protect it from the elements.

Step 10: Cutting the Plexiglass on a Table Saw and Do a Test Fit on the Frame

Use a tablesaw for a clean, straight cut with the plexiglass. Once the plexiglass is cut, I do a test fitting to make sure everything fits properly.

Step 11: Gluing the Plexiglass and Cleaning It.

Here I just use a little bit of glue around the entire piece of plexiglass just to make sure it doesn’t fall out in the future. After that, I use some glass cleaner and clean off both sides of the plexiglass and Im careful to not smudge the inside.

Step 12: Backing It With Cardboard and Using the Glue Gun to Adhere to To the Back of the Frame

I cut a piece of cardboard and glued it to the backside of the frame to protect the picture from shop dust.

Step 13: Cutting and Stapling Frame Wire to the Back of the Frame

I next grabbed some frame wire and cut it to length. I then used my staple gun to staple it securely to the wood on the back of the frame. use a hammer if necessary to hit the staples down flush to the wood.

Step 14: All Done!

And you're done! A nice reclaimed rustic picture frame!

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