Introduction: Great Arc Reactor(iron Man 2)

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This is a simple, easy, and fun arc reactor project, based on the iron man2 chest piece. This is what you'll need: chrome spray paint, an x-acto knife, duct tape, a screwdriver, wax paper, a kitchen tap light, and a hot glue gun with plenty of glue sticks.

Step 1: Prime the Light

Take your light and screw driver and remove the three screws in the back. It should come apart into four pieces.

Step 2: Start the Lens

Take the actual lens of the light and mark the bend on the inside and outside with a sharpie. Take a drill with a 3/32" drill bit and drill holes all the way across the marked edge, as in the picture. Repeat this step, but with a 9/64" bit. Drill through your first set of holes. Afterwards, take your knife and cut the plastic sections holding the pieces together. Keep the ring, but throw away the leftover dome.

Step 3: Finish the Lens

Take your ring, wax paper, and glue gun and set them up. Allow your glue gun time to heat up. Position your ring on the paper with the holes facing down. Once the glue gun is hot, fill in the edges so they are sealed to the paper. Then, fill the rest of the ring with a thin layer of glue as evenly as possible. Let it cool and solidify then cut off the excess paper.

Step 4: Paint the Pieces

Take your lens and cover the glue and paper with masking or duct tape. Take the lens and the outer ring and spray paint them chrome.

Step 5: Assemble the Pieces

After the paint dries, assemble the pieces and make sure you can tap the light on and off.

Step 6: Add the Detail

I found the first picture online and used it take the decoration. Lay out two pieces of duct tape. Trace the circumference of the lens onto the tape. After that, I just free-handed it on cutting. After everything is cut as shown in the pictures, start putting the pieces on and lining them on nicely. Some finishing touches and your done.

Step 7: Finished!

You're done! Now just put it on your chest and wear in style. Of you liked this, please vote fore in the battery-powered contest.

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