Use a NFC Enabled Phone to Scan a Fingerprint and Find the Selected Card From a Real Deck of Cards!

Introduction: Use a NFC Enabled Phone to Scan a Fingerprint and Find the Selected Card From a Real Deck of Cards!

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 This was entered into an April Fools day contest. It's a MAGIC TRICK that you can purchase. It is not a downloadable app. It's simple to do for anyone 8 and up. This won't work unless you have the magic trick to make it work!

Tired of hearing about all the cool things the iPhone has / can do? Check this out... and the iPhone CAN'T do it! Using a regular deck of playing cards and an android device enabled with NFC, you can select a card from the deck and have it appear on the other person's smart phone by scanning their fingerprint that touched the card! Great brand new magic trick and super simple to perform. If you like this, visit and learn more!  This instructable shows you what each of the steps looks like. If you want to simply watch the video, you can do that here!

Step 1: Select a Card

Using any deck of cards, select a card.

Step 2: 9 of Hearts Selected for This Instructable

For the purpose of this instructable, we have selected the 9 of hearts.

Step 3: Place Your Fingerprints All Over Your Selected Card

Once you have selected a card, press your fingerprints firmly on both sides of the card, trying NOT to smudge the prints you are leaving on the card.

Step 4: Shuffle Your Selection Back Into the Deck

After you place your fingerprints on the card you selected, shuffle it back into the deck.

Step 5: Return the Cards to the Card Box

When you're satisfied that the card is mixed into the deck, return the cards to the box and lay the deck on the table.

Step 6: Place a Thumbprint on the Outside of the Deck

Using your non-dominant hand, place a clean thumbprint on the center of the box of cards.

Step 7: Scan the Thumbprint

Using any barcode scanner you already have on your smartphone (or your camera if you don't have a barcode scanner) activate your app or camera and scan the back of your phone across the surface of the card box, so the camera can scan the fingerprint

Step 8: The Card You Selected Will Appear on Your Phone!

The NFC feature of your phone must be on but whatever card they select will appear on their phone! The barcode scanner scans the thumbprint on the outside box, and then scans down through all of the other cards, looking for a card that has matching prints. It then goes out on the internet and finds an image of the card that it thinks you selected, based on your fingerprints and and a bunch of other techie reasons and displays it on the spectators phone. You never touch their phone the entire time. They do it all themselves!

Step 9: Video Demonstration

Here is a video demonstration
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    This effect is brand new, and not even on the market yet so please let me know what you think! Should be available as of the end of April. iPhone5s is rumored to include NFC and expected to come out between June - August.


    so we need to go to your site in order to buy the nfc coins in order to get this trick to work?


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    Usually when someone creates a magic trick that's how it works lol. If you like it and want to do it you buy it.