Introduction: Don't Stay Another Night in a Hotel Without Watching This DIY!

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This instructible will teach you how to check your hotel bed sheets before you stay in a new hotel room to make sure they were changed.
Every room in a hotel is supposed to have fresh sheets after a guest leaves. How many times are the maids too busy to change them? Is it possible that some of them simply remake the bed so it looks like clean sheets? YES! Don't sleep in someone elses mess!

Step 1: Pick Up an Inexpensive UV/ Black Light

You can get these at spencers or any novilty type store that sells black lights. I bought this one for less than $10.00. It's battery operated.

Step 2: Keep It Packed in Your Travel Bag

If you keep it in your travel bag, you'll always have it handy when you need it!

Step 3: Pull Down the Bed Sheets

Observe the sheets for any visible stains with the lights on. Urine will have a slight yellow tint (obviously!) but you'll be able to see that under white light.

Step 4: Scan the Black Light Over the Sheets

Next, turn off all the lights in the hotel room and turn on your black light. Pay attention to any area that looks brighter or darker than the rest of the sheets.

Step 5: When You Find a Stain

It will stand out and you'll know it's an obvious stain. By the location of this stain, I would think it's semen. If it was urine, you would be able to see it in the regular light as a light yellow stain. This stain wasn't obvious under regular lights.

Step 6: This Stain Is

either vomit or semen again.

Step 7: If You Find Stains on Your Sheets

ask for another room. Better yet, leave and check into a different hotel! The rooms on that floor were all probably cleaned by the same maid and could have the same problem!