Introduction: Green Confetti

Looking for a green, Earth friendly alternative to plastic confetti? Here is your answer. Great for weddings or parties.

Step 1: Green Leaves

Find a nice healthy tree or bush to get your leaves from. Don't take an excessive amount from the tree or bush. Take from several different trees and bushes to get a variety of shades of green.

Step 2: Materials Needed

Usually we have materials as one of our first steps but finding the right leaves is pretty important.

You will need green leaves and a hole punch. We ended up using two different hole punches. We would also recommend a friend to help with all the punching.


-Hole Punch

-Green Leaves

Step 3: Dry

Dry the leaves. We have had nothing but rain here for months so everything is pretty wet.

Drying the leaves will help keep the hole punch from sticking to the leaves. We found this out the hard way as you may see from our pictures. We didn't dry the leaves off at first and it made the leaves get stuck in the punch.

Step 4: Punchy Punch

Punch away. Using your hole punch start punching holes into the leaves.

Step 5: Collect

Collect your leaf punches. We are trying to keep all the punches. What is normally scrap, when punching holes into paper, is what we want to keep.

Step 6: Change It Up

Change things up by using a different size hole punch or a different cut. We originally had a rectangle but changed to a larger circle. Craft stores sell a variety of different punches. Also try different color leaves.

Step 7: Pile It Up

Gather up all your punches and save for later. Our leaves have stayed green for over 12 hours. Hoping they stay green longer but only time will tell.

Step 8: Big Day

Now the big day is here that we can use the confetti! Use like regular confetti to celebrate important life events. The green confetti is biodegradable and safe for the environment!

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