Introduction: Green Coriander Pilaf With Brown Basmati Rice - Hara Dhaniya Pulao -

Hara Dhaniya Pulao With Brown Basmati Rice - Brown Rice Pilaf.

Hara Dhaniya means green coriander in Hindi. This brown rice pilaf is fairly simple to make. You will not be adding condiments directly to the rice. Instead, flavour a pot of boiling water with spices to create a fragrant steam. The resulting aromatic steam cooks the rice, leading to a perfect brown rice pilaf.

Our brown rice pilaf recipe of green coriander will yield 2 servings, with 266 kilocalories in each.

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Brown basmati rice is a rich source of complex carbohydrates that energizes the brain and central nervous system. Coriander leaves and stem contain many essential volatile oils.

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