Introduction: Gremlin Greta Epic Costume

About: Hi there 😊❤️ I am Naty, i am an alternative model from Costa Rica! I have been modeling for more than 10 years! I am also a makeup artist! I love fashion and art! I am very passionate of what i do! So hope you…
Hey guys! Hope you like my costume, i lasted 4 hours and it was 3 days of planning it! I did everything myself !😊❤️


I used latex, and handmade fake skin using vaseline and flour to make the prosthetic of the mouth and cheekbones
The ears i used foam to make it!
The rest is just body paint, makeup and also spikes that i glued with the latex! ❤️

Step 1: Ears

For the ears i used foam, and a headband! Then i used some paints to make it texture 😊

Step 2: Face

For the face i used prosthetics made of vaselin and flour! Then i used latex to glue them and paint with body paint makeup! ❤️
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