Introduction: Grenade Timer

The Grenade Timer is a flexible timer where you can control how much time you want to time your grenade. For example you could press the button to pause it at 3 seconds which is ideal for a frag grenade in video games, you could also hold down the button at 4 seconds for a smoke grenade.

Step 1: Coding the Timer

The above are pictures of the code written in both Ardu-block format and the normal coding format. The coding mainly focuses on connecting the button with the LCD, and the display of the LCD after delay. The bottom section consist of the "Ready" part which is in the interval after the last timer or the "Fire in the hole section", the ready part is followed up by the repeat of the countdown.

Step 2: The Circuit

Here is a picture of what the circuit should look like.

The tools include:

1. 8 circuits

2. 1 LCD

3. 1 Button

4. 1 Blue resistor

5. 1 USB cable

6. 1 Arduino Leonardo board

7. 1 Breadboard

Step 3: What Should Happen

Here is what the device should be capable of doing if the code and circuits are done correctly.