Grey Hoverman Free TV "Parabolic" Reflector

Introduction: Grey Hoverman Free TV "Parabolic" Reflector

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Please use the antenna dimensions from my other instructable here.

Step 1: These Are the STL Files. Two Prints of Each Will Be Needed.

Print in vase mode or as a solid. Not structural so a low infill with one or two perimeters or vase mode will be fine.

Step 2: Print and Mount It 102 MM From Antenna

I designed this to replace the flat reflector on my Grey Hoverman antenna. These are shallow circular segment reflector troughs with a 100 millimeter focal point. These are to be 3D printed in vase mode, covered in foil and placed on a flat surface 102 millimeters from the antenna I already posted. This should provide 17 times the signal of a flat reflector. As far as I know no one has made a focused reflector specifically designed for this type of antenna. I'm stuck working out of town but I will print this when I get back. Sadly due to my schedule I won't be able to print a working one till after the invention contest has started. I only finished the design today.

The shallow circular reflector design does not lose it's target as quickly when tilted like a true parabolic reflector does. So this should be the best of both worlds. As sensitive as a parabola but less directional. This means the reflector should be able to pick up from a wider angle in front of it and still concentrate the signal on the antenna wire at the appropriate distance for the wavelength I need (too far or near will create out of phase reflections that destroy the signal). The flat shape also allows the focal point to be far from it's surface and in a narrow beam instead of a flat plane at right angles....I know I used parabolic in the title but "shallow circular trough segment" doesn't really convey the idea. Everyone knows what a parabola is.

You will need two of each and assemble them as shown.

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