Introduction: Grill Quick Restoration

Instead of a full restoration this is a quick clean up to restore functionality and aesthetic appeal.

Step 1: Grill

Old busted grill.

Step 2: Photos

Take photos while disassembling.

Step 3: Grill Base

I used a cutting disc on an angle grinder to remove the grill base.

Step 4: Iron

Remove the rust from the grill top with a wire brush and an angle grinder cup brush.

Step 5: Grease Catch

Remove the old grease catch and replace with steal sheet metal.

Step 6: Legs

Wash, sand and paint the legs.

Step 7: Body

Remove rust with rust remover and a wire brush. Sand smooth and coat with high heat grill paint. I didn't paint the inside of the grill hood.

Step 8: Burners

The bolts on the burner base had broken off. I drilled out the bolt and tapped the hole. I then cold welded in new bolts.

Step 9: Hardware

Soak the hardware in vinegar and brush clean.

Step 10: Reattach

Reattach all the hardware and replace bolts where necessary.

Step 11: Burner Cover

I cut the welds on old rusted grill grates and mounted new expanded sheet metal.

Step 12: Base

Create a base for the grill and propane tank to sit on.

Step 13: Paint

Paint the base.

Step 14: Assemble

Fully assemble.

Step 15: Season

Turn on the burners and heat up the grill for a half hour to burn off any volatiles. Season the inside of the grill.

Step 16: Grill or Stove

Because there are 60,000 btu burners the top grill can be removed. The burners can be used for stir frying with a wok or cooking in a stock pot.

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