Introduction: Stupid Awesome Grilled Cheese

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The humble grilled cheese is pure comfort food. Hot buttery crispy bread with a hot gooey cheesy center that brings you back to better times.

By itself, it doesn't really need anything, but dip it in some ketchup and it'll make your toes curl. But, what if you want the tomato tang with out having to waste precious calories by moving your hand from the plate, to the dip, to your mouth again and again, sounds like so much work... if only, if only.

Ok, ok, this Instructable is kind of a shameless plug intro for one of my other Instructables, The Triple XXX Tomato Sandwich. The segway between the two, is the bread, specifically my tomato bread. With a rich tomato bread, ketchup or any other dip becomes almost moot. In Jon Favreau's movie Chef, the grilled cheese scene is iconic. They focus on all aspects, but the bread is somewhat lacking. If that scene had been shot with tomato bread, I think i'd smell an Oscar, or perhaps that's the scent of tomato bread!

And with that, lets make a stupid awesome grilled cheese.

Step 1: Ingredients

  • Tomato bread
  • Fruliano cheese - a soft white cheese somewhere between Havarti and mozzarella tasting a bit like hazelnuts.
    • Mozzarella combined with Gouda would make a good substitute.
  • Extra old cheddar cheese
  • Salted butter

Step 2: Bread

Slice your bread about 1/3 of an inch thick. Too thin and it doesn't have enough body, too thick and it will insulate the cheese from melting, 1/3 of inch is the sweet spot.

Step 3: Cheese

Slice your cheese thinly. Fruiliano and old cheddar is best. And yes, that orange cheese is dyed orange. By all means use natural cheddar which is white, but the orange melted with the white is eye candy. I use Fruiliano as i find its like several types of cheese in one. Your aiming for about 1/4 inch of cheese per sandwich in the end.

Step 4: Fat

Spread a thick layer of salted butter on the side of bread that will hit the pan. Yes I know, the cheese has salt, but salted butter is just better.

Step 5: Grill

Heat your pan over medium low heat until hot. The lower heat allows the bread to get crispy but not bur while allowing all the cheese to melt completely.

Drop the sandwich into the hot pan, butter side down and grill for about 3 minutes per side.

Oh, your done. So easy and so rewarding!

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