Introduction: Grilled Lemonade

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That's a kind of cool recipe and fun to do. I prefer to make it one day prior, less stress while serving and enough time to get it chilled. If you want to serve on the same day it needs 3 to 4hrs in the fridge.


- 16 Lemons (around 2kg)
- 4 organic Limes
- 150ml Honey
- 200g Sugar
- 3l Sodawater
- fresh mint
- icecubes

Tools: Grill (used my 57er Weber), charcoal, charcoal starter, roasting tin (Koncis of Ikea), BBQ tongs, jug, ice cube trays

Step 1: Let's Get Started

Get the grill started. While the charcoal starts burning, wash the lemons and limes. Cut the Lemons half.

Check on the coal, when ready drop the coal in the grill and put the grillage back in place.

The grill needs to be free of fat and other stuff. I use the heat of the coal and grill brush for cleaning, then I will use some kitchenpaper with plantoil on the cooking grate.

Step 2: Fruitninja

Cut the lemons in half. Fill the sugar in the roasting tin and dip now all the lemons in the sugar.

Step 3: Grill Part 1

Check the temperature, around 175 °C is perfect.

Put the lemons on the grill and close the lid with direct heat for 10min. And there it starts with an awesome smell of lemons and caramelized sugar....
I used a baking tray and the tongs to transport the lemons, take care because they will be hot and are covered with caramelized sugar.

Step 4: Grill Part 2

In the roasting tin is still some rest of the sugar, pour the honey and 250ml water in it. Take the tin on the grill and mix everything till the sugar dissolves.
Fill everything in the jug.

Step 5: Squeeze

Squeeze the lemons and use a sieve before you fill the juice in the jug with sugarwaterhoneymix.

Now just get the jug and the sodawater chilled.

Step 6: Enjoy

Mix the the juice and the soda in one of this lemonadecontainer (it needs to have a capacity of 4,5l).

My choice now is to put in every glass (0,3l glass) 3 icecubes, 3 to 4 mint leaves and 1 or 2 slices of lime. Then I fill the glass with lemonade.

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