Introduction: Grocery Bag Pack

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A Grocery bag can get heavy to carry if you fill it with heavy items like drinks or cat litter etc..

Why not modify it to add a backpack feature to it :)?

This is by the way a unique marketable idea..unfortunately, I have neither the money to patent it, nor the means to take it from design to mass production..

Step 1: Materials and Tools

• A heavy duty grocery bag.
• Shoelaces.
• Heavy duty duct tape.
• A cutter.
• super glue.

Step 2: Reinforce the Bag

• Draw 2 parallel straight lines starting from the bag handles, going all the way to the other sides of the handles.
• Tape one layer of the heavy duty duct tape on them from the outside, and one on the inside.

Step 3: The Holes

Use the cutter to make small horizontal cuts in the bag through the duct tape (refer to the 2 photos in this step for the position of the holes).

Step 4: The Shoelace

Run the shoelace through the holes (refer to the photos in this step to insert them in the correct direction).

Once done, place duct tape where the shoelace comes out at the bottom side (last photo).

Step 5: Super Glue

Pull the shoelaces a bit until the connection becomes at the front side of the bag, then tie the knots and superglue them.

P.S: I made a mistake here in the first photo , tied the knots in the middle, as a result, I couldn't close the bag anymore..

So I had to cut and get the knots through the holes so that they are positioned at the front side of the bag..

Step 6: Test

I tested the bag by loading it with a heavy litter bag.It works :)

What's awesome about this Mod, is that the bag can still be folded normally and transported around.

I hope You enjoyed this I'stble and found it useful!
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