Introduction: Group Process Training for 5th Graders

You have been assigned to a small group project to learn about how to cooperate within a group. This worksheet will help guide you through the five steps of group processes.

Forming Storming Norming Performing Adjourning

To complete this lesson within a 2 hour time frame each step will have a time limit. Listen to the teacher about how the announcement of time will be made, either a bell or chime of some sort.


  • flip chart paper (one sheet per group)
  • three different colored markers per group
  • Introduction Thumb Balls
  • sticky dots for voting (each student gets two dots)
  • digital kitchen timer for each group
  • a bell or chime for the teacher's use
  • Chromebook with Google Slides

Step 1: Forming

Watch this video of a group introduction! Introduction Video

Introduce yourself to the group members. Say your name and your favorite dessert. Then use the Thumb Ball to learn about each other. The teacher will ring a bell when it is time to stop.

Who are your group members?

Determine who will be the...

Time keeper:

Note taker:

Slide maker:

Group writer:

Step 2: Decide How to Decide

As a group you will be making decisions together, so you need to decide how you will decide!

1. Consensus = Everyone must agree on the same thing.

2. Majority Rule = Half + one more. (Example: 3 or of 4 people must agree)

3. Random = Options written on slips of paper, put in a bowl, and selected without seeing.

4. Stop Light = Each person has three popsicle sticks colored red, yellow, and green. Red = No, Yellow = Neutral, Green = Yes. The Yellow/ Neutral counts as half a Green/ Yes vote. (Example, 2 yellow votes + 1 Green vote = 2 Green votes.)

*With any decision process, the minority vote gets an option if they want to explain why they voted in that way. IF the others are persuaded they can change their vote ONLY ONCE.

Which decision process was selected?


Step 3: Storming

Brainstorming is the act of gathering up ideas from the group! All ideas for the project are welcome at this point. No one should be putting down others for their ideas. All ideas must be written down on the flip chart paper.

Watch the Video Clip of a group brainstorming! Brainstorming Video

Step 4: Group Discussion Prompt

Design the next Hurts Donut!

Your group has 25 minutes to write down all the ideas!

*To help organize your ideas, you can create columns on the paper to represent flavor, toppings, or theme.

Step 5: Norming

Your group has written down lots of ideas and maybe has organized them into categories. Now is the time to consolidate and vote.

Using your group's decision process, select four ideas. Write them on the back of the flip chart paper. Fold the paper in half, covering the four ideas.

Watch this clip on decision making! Decision Making!

Step 6: Democratic Majority Rule

Watch the video on how a group begins narrowing down ideas! Sticky Dot Voting!

Each student group will be given two sticky dots of the same color to vote anonymously. Someone start by placing one sticky dot on their favorite idea, then passing it on to the next person in their group until the paper comes back. Then the next round of sticky dot votes will be placed anonymously by each. Once everyone in the group has voted twice, open the paper to count the dots on each idea. The idea with the most dots will be submitted in a Google Slide.

Step 7: Preparing the Group Report

Divide tasks. Preparing the Presentation.

Write down the final idea decided upon.

Consider how you will design the Google Slide. You will need a top view and a side view of the donut design.

Step 8: Preparing the Presentation

Now that your group has decided on one idea, it is time to create a Google Slide for presenting the idea to Hurts Donuts.

Google Slide Template for Donut Design Presentation

The slide template will be sent to each student within their Google Classroom. The slide should have the name of the donut across the top. An image of the donut in the middle from the top and from the side. The donut flavor, toppings, and/ or theme written across the bottom. In the top right corner please put your assigned group number.

Once the slide is complete save it as .....donut.slide.(group #). Then submit to your teacher in Google Classroom.

Step 9: Performing

Once the slides have been submitted, the teacher will project the presentations. Everyone from the group will stand up by the screen, but only one person from each group will talk. They will tell the class...

(1) what the group used as their decision making process [consensus, majority rule, random, or stop light] then to (2) explain their final idea.

Step 10: Adjourning

Congratulations, each group has put in a lot of effort to produce a finished and complete idea!

Grab a donut and sit back with your group.

Discuss within your group:

1. One thing you were afraid of happening within the group. Did it happen? Was it good or bad? Why?

2. One thing that surprised you during the group process?

Discuss with whole class:

1. What is one thing you did not like about the group process? How could it be better?

2. What is one strength you brought to your group?

3. Do you feel more confident about working in a group? Why?