Introduction: Grove Lucky Dumpling

LCD screen is the very first screen I tinkered with. It's fun, cheap, and most importantly well supported by the community(search LCD, and you will get a lot of libraries and example ready to use).

We have also a LCD display in Grove - Starter Kit. And better than mono color ones, the LCD in Grove - Starter Kit has RGB backlight!

This demo project features the 1602 LCD screen and functions as a lucky dumpling(fortune teller). When you press its button, it will give you a glimpse into your future.

Part list

All parts included can be found in Grove - Starter Kit by Seeed.

1. Grove - LCD RGB Backlight: 1602 LCD display with RGB backlight;

2. Base Shield: a conversion board for Grove to connect with Arduino/Seeeduino;

3. Grove - Button: a ubiquitous momentary button.


1. Grove - LCD RGB Backlight --> I2C port on Base Shield

2. Grove - Button --> port D4 on Base Shield

3. If you want it more portable, then a 9V battery is a great choice to add. Also a well decorated box would also be a delight.


Download the .ino file attached in this instructables and upload it to your Arduino/Seeeduino.