Introduction: Interactive Mike Mozowski Toy

Inspired by a Mike toy laying on my coworker's table, I made this interactive Mike with super light clay and Grove - Starter Kit Plus

It's an interactive toy standing by the road, staring whoever takes his cap off. Once his cap is taken off, his eye will start to spin to find the naughty one.

Step 1: Sketch

I drew the sketch of my idea as pic 1.

I wanted his eye to rotate when someone takes his cap off. To implement it, I found electronic modules as pic 2.

They are:

1. Seeeduino (an Arduino compatible microcontroller)
2. Base Shield (an extension board for Grove modules to connect to Seeeduino)
3. Half ping pong ball (I got it by cutting through a ping pong ball, but you can also find some other doom thing to replace it)
4. Grove - Servo (create the rotation of the eye)
5. Grove - Light Sensor (detect if the cap still lays on Mike's head)

Step 2: Building the Structure

I made a plate to fix the eye ball first.

And then implemented the servo and build up the rough structure of  this project. 

Step 3: Shaping

In this step, I hid the Grove parts in Mike and built up the shape.

The 1st pic is what I got after this step.

Step 4: Upload Code

Upload the code to your Seeeduino and done. 

Now if you move its cap, it will rotate its eye.

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