Grove Minimal Thermometer

Introduction: Grove Minimal Thermometer

For newbies in Arduino world, temperature sensor/thermo resistor can be one of the most familiar sensors.There are countless way to display the temperature information, like color of LED, serial tool on your PC, LED bar, LCD display and so on.

Different from them, this is a minimal thermometer that uses the movement of a servo to indicate the room temperature.

All modules involved can be found in Grove - Starter Kit provided by Seeed:

1. Base Shield : a conversion shield for Grove modules to connect with Arduino/Seeeduino;

2. Grove - Temperature Sensor: sense the temperature information and feed to Arduino/Seeeduino;

3. Grove - Servo: servo with Grove interface.


Microcontroller is not included in this kit, so make sure you have a Arduino, or other Arduino compatible controller, like Seeeduino, before you use this instructables.


The thermometer is quite simple to assemble.

1. Grove - Temperature Sensor --> port A0 on Base Shield

2. Grove - Servo --> port D5 on Base Shield

3. Cut your servo a paper face to make it a dash board.


Download the .ino file in this instructables and upload it to your controller. DONE!

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    Dear LitLiao, thanks for your tutorial, I am now trying your project. I have downloaded your code for arduino, however when transfering, I got a compilation error. Do you know maybe where it can come from ? Best.