Introduction: Grow Plants Under the Stairs

Dose your work shop need more green, Where's no sun light, maybe under the stairs? In this instructable, i'll show you how to grow plants/ plant indoors.

Step 1: Choose a Plant

There's a lot of plants to choose from. I wouldn't plant a plant that gets big. Maybe something smaller like a flower. A small bush bean plant wouldn't be bad, but you'll need some room to do so. I think I'm going to grow some aloe, but there's still a lot of plants to choose from.

Step 2: Lights

You will need a light to grow your plant/plants. A grow light will be the best, but i'm going to use this old lamp.

Step 3: Plant It

Once you choose your plant its time to plant them. You'll need a pot and dirt. Rocks will Look nice in your pot. I'am planting sweet peas, I'll have a bean on back up.

Step 4: Day One

I'm going to keep track of the plant and update once very other day, please vote.

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