Introduction: Growing Chinese Cabbages in PVC Pipe

Here's how you can create your low budget green garden at home that doesn't need alot of space. I'm Vannak, Here in Cambodia, I'm living in a flat on the 1st floor so I don't have much space for doing my gardening. so this could be the best way I could imagined of. :D

Step 1: Materials & Tools

Here's what you'll need:

- Plastic Botles = 01
- PVC Pipe = 02 (5 inches in size or larger is recommended)

- Saw
- Scissors

Step 2: Cut PVC Pipe in 1/4 As Bellow

Becareful when cut the pipe, make sure it's straight as possible.

Step 3: Making Water Flow Holes

This time you can use your saw to make vertical holes along the bottom of PVC. with these holes the water will slowly flowing off the pipe and make your plants healthy.

Step 4: Close Both Ends of the Pipe

1- Cut the Plastic bottle as the first picture
2- You need 2 pieces to close both ends of the pipe
3- Make 3 holes in each end of the pipe
4- Insert the each pieces of the plastic in to those end and you're done!

Step 5: PVC Pipe Stands

Cut your other remained PVC Pipe in 2, same size and 9-10 inches in length

Step 6: PVC Stand (Cont.)

Cut the stands in V shape at the top of both stands, look at the second picture for the result

Step 7: Now, It's Time for Planting Some Chinese Cabbages

I assumed that you all know how to do this. so i don't need to describe much about it. because my purpose is making the PVC Pipe for planting Chinese Cabbages.

Step 8: After 1 Week!

As you can compare the previous picture with this one. as you can see the progress of my Chinese Vegetables.

PS: You can continue making more of these PVC pipes for more productivity. and put it next to each oher as rows so you can have many rows as you like

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