Introduction: Growing Tiny Communities (Under $20)

This project is very customizable and will be different for different people. You can make as many or as few scenes as you wish, be creative.

Gathering materials:

1: Buy / find the pots, clay, popsicle sticks, paint, toothpicks, and a hot glue gun; you can add more things if you wish.

2:Go to your local cold moist spot and find some moss, preferably some with short, low to the ground leaves.

3: Kindly ask your brother to help with the clay-working.

4: Find a nice chunk of time where you are doing nothing. (This may take a while.)


Clay pots (small): ~$1 for 3

Bake hardened clay: ~$15 (you only need a little)

Dirt and or sand: Free!

popsicle sticks: ~$1

moss: Free!

paint: Find some in the closet.

Hot glue: It's next to the paint.

Tooth picks: ~$1 or find then in the pantry.

Your younger brother who can model clay: Free!

Step 1: Plan a Scene.

You are going to need a plan of what community you are going to grow in each pot before you start. We made five different pots: Griller Guss, Angsty teens, What is this, "working" on it, and The A-pot-colyps. once you have gotten a general plan of what you community is going to look like you can move on to the next steps.

Step 2: Clean the Moss (yuck!)

You want to first pick out any small rocks or twigs that are hiding in the moss. This moss is soon to be the grass so try not to rip it apart.

Once you have tediously removed all the little obstacles in the moss you are going to need to wash as much dirt out of it as you can. This is simple all you need to do is run it under some water and carefully wash the dirt away.

Once this is done you can set the moss aside. Make sure it is moist but not wet, you need it to live.

Step 3: Fill the Pot With Dirt.

Fill the pot with dirt.

Step 4: Make the Ground.

If you want grass, cut the moss to fit.

If you want hardwood floors, cut some out of popsicle sticks.

If you want a construction site, construct a site.

If you want rocks glue some rocks.

If you want cake... I can't help you.

Now you can add decorations such as a fence.

Step 5: People!

Depending on how good you are at clay-working your figures will very in size. Make sure that your people are posed to fit in with their environment.

Be creative and try to give each of your people personality.

Once you create and pose them, throw them in the oven.

Step 6: Place the People.

Once the people are done cooking (hansel and gretel) you are going to need to attach them to the pots. People like Grill Guss, who are standing on the grass will need a toothpick glued to them as a support spike. in other cases you can simply glue them to parts of their environment.

Be discreet with the glue.

Step 7: Add Some Cool Stuff.

Now is when you can add cool things like a bridge between pots. Make sure to paint these things and make then pretty.

Step 8: Bask in the Glory of Your Wonderful Creation.


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