Introduction: Guinea Pig Catwalk Stage

Let's make a cool catwalk stage for guinea pig!!!!



For making Catwalk Stage:

Cardboard (40.5x51) *6




Utility Knife

Hot melting glue gun

Disposable chopsticks


External battery pack(contain 2 USB pot)

Tiger pliers

For making circuit:

Arduino Leonardo *2

Breadboard *2

Long wire*30

Short wire *20

LED light (Multi colors)*19

Resistor 1000Ω *2

Resistor 8Ω *20

Switch button *2

Step 1: Start Making the Circuit

The next step, we start making the circuit. The picture of the circuit is above, just plug all the stuff in to the breadboard. In this project, we need to use 2 Arduino Leonardo, and 2 bread board. Both circuit are the save as the picture. And the last step is to import the code into Arduino by clicking the "Code file" below.

Code file

Step 2: Start Making the Catwalk Stage

First, put two pieces of cardboard together

Second, use marker to draw cutting lines.(the size of the )

Third, follow the cutting line and cut the cardboard into pieces.(the one that is red on the picture need to cut 2 of them)

After cutting the cardboard, you will have 10 pieces of cardboard.

Step 3: Start Making the Catwalk Stage

After we cut the cardboard into 10 pieces, we need to combine them together, like the picture above. We'll use hot melting glue gun to put hem together. After putting them all together, use marker to mark dots around the side of catwalk stage(not on the back) And use maker to draw two 2cm circle and a 1 cm box at the back. The next step is use scissors and utility knife to cut holes.

Step 4: Start Making the Catwalk Stage

Next, we need to putting the circuit and catwalk stage together. First we need to place 2 set of Arduino(Arduino Leonardo+Breadboard) in the catwalk stage, and use tape to stick it on the board, so it won't be able to move. Second, we need to put on the circuit we make on both Arduino. Third, we need to plug the LED light inside the holes around the catwalk stage. ole at the back of the stage. Forth, plug two button over the hLast, put 2 charger line over the 1cm box on the back of the stage.


Use tape to stick 2 wires and LED light together, so it will be easier to plug in, and will not be easy to separate.

Step 5: Start Making the Catwalk Stage

Now we are going to make the framework inside the stage, so when we put the top layer, it won't be easy to broke.

Use the tiger plier to cut the disposable chopsticks into separate parts. The last picture shows places you need to place the chopsticks. After cutting the chopsticks into pieces, use hot melt glue gun to stick the chopstick inside the stage.

Step 6: Start Making the Catwalk Stage

The next step is to connect to the electricity. Make sure all the LED light and the button works, after checking those, we can start doing the last step of the catwalk stage. We need to place the last piece of cardboard on top of the chopsticks, make sure the cardboard is1cm lower. And then use hot melt glue gun to stick it together.

Step 7: Final Work

After making the stage, you can turn off the light and enjoy it's beauty!!!!